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The 2022 RFL of SL Theme Is...


A message from Stingray Raymaker,

Over the last two weeks, the ACS community in Second Life have cast their votes for the theme of the 2022 Relay For Life of Second Life.

259 votes were cast, making this the largest community decision on a theme in our event’s history. This is a good indicator for how excited everyone is about reaching our $500,000 USD goal.

Each year, our theme guides our motivation, inspires our creativity, and gives each season a unique identity. Considering the fact that our goal for next year is the highest we’ve ever set, we know that it will take a “super-heroic” effort from everyone in the ACS community.

This theme can be interpreted in so many ways, all of which are going to make for an unforgettable Relay season and event. The theme that received the most votes is the perfect description for each member of our community. We can’t wait to see how each team embraces our 2022 Relay For Life of Second Life theme: HEROES OF HOPE.

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