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Congratulations to the SL Fandom Con for raising over $11,000.00 for Relay For Life of Second Life in its inaugural year.

Stingray Raymaker, Director of the American Cancer Society in Second Life, expressed his thanks for the helpfulness of the many volunteers, merchants and participants who stepped up “to end cancer as we know it for everyone, every cancer, every life”.

A great big Relay thank you to the Fandom Con Lead Team for standing up this new event. Ariadne and Mr Senet were key in helping to transition the sci-fi community to this new MEGA Event, while Roxy & Cody brought their experience as the successful Leads of the SL Living Expo, also a new MEGA Event. Their organizational and technical skill sets were instrumental in helping move the project along from concept to completion. Together, they built a website, created an online registration process and worked many long hours to imagine this event and breathe life into the regions.

Another big Relay thank you to our designers, Taroseer, Matticus, Merky & Wolfie, Roxy & Cody, Dirty Rat and Sanctum of Anarchs for all the time they put into their amazing builds.

Other creative people to thank include Nia who created the new Fandom Con logo, Crai who created and scripted various objects for Fandom Con, BANG! Toy Company for their special edition Fandom Con funko pops and Macguyver who produced the “Travelers of the Rift” video series along with Bain.

Irish & Magical also get a big Relay thank you for organizing all of the groups, performers, live artists and hosts. A very big volunteer challenge taken on by a very amazing couple.

And, of course, a BIG BIG thank you to Linden Lab for donating so many amazing auction items and making the Fandom Fashion Show so much fun.

Stingray added “So many people came together to plan, organize and launch this new MEGA Event and we thank them all. Fandom Con has the potential to reach so many communities in Second Life. The future looks promising and we will need more Relay leaders to step forward to help us grow this event over the coming years.”

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