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SL Fandom Con Date Change

Updated: Mar 30

The SL Fandom Con is moving from May to July according to Stingray Raymaker, Director of The American Cancer Society in Second Life.

The event is now scheduled to run from Friday, July 21st through Monday, July 31st.

This change positions SL Fandom Con in the RFL of SL off-season, similar to the SL Christmas Expo, helping to balance out a full calendar of MEGA events for ACS in SL throughout the year.

The 2023 SL Fandom Con will feature eight regions and some very creative designers, many hours of talented performers and will feature a convention center type region similar to other comic-con type conventions in real life.

There will be cosplay contests and promenades, raffles, auctions, parties, shopping and many ways to "rep your fandom" here in Second Life at the SL Fandom Con.

For more information, please visit their website at

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