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A Message From Stingray Raymaker

Director, ACS in SL

Good Morning ACS community and what a happy Monday morning it is!

I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for reaching the $5 Million fundraising milestone this past weekend. This is astounding, and a testament to how powerful the virtual world can be when its residents choose to spend their time fighting for life.

For the past 18 years, volunteers have come and gone... many have stayed... many have worn several hats. Through all these years, you have overcome so much adversity... and I want you to know that your donations and your fundraising efforts are critically important to the American Cancer Society.

The donations that you collect each year (over $5,000,000 now) are all protected by Linden Lab, who has shown year after year how much they support what you're doing by participating in MEGA events, sponsoring ACS Island, providing the regions for our Relay For Life, and by helping me to shepherd your donations to the American Cancer Society every year.

Our history started with a couple of people with a vision that this virtual world could be used for more than personal gain. These altruistic avatars assembled a group of like-minded, selfless, passionate individuals who would help bring the idea of fighting cancer in Second Life to reality. That very first year was not a Relay event... it was a GALA... and they raised $4,065. From there, more communities in Second Life were asked to join, and the second year, the first track was built and the first Relay For Life of Second Life was held.

I joined the movement in 2008 when the theme was Heroes. I remember standing in awe of what our community had already accomplished and I wanted IN!! I saw the same potential that you all saw then...and continue to see today.

I've said this before and I'll say it again -- the work we have done (and continue to do) in Second Life is one of the most impactful, significant, and meaningful things I've ever been a part of as a man. And it's all because of you - the people who make up this community. THANK YOU!

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