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Announcing 2023 RFL Season Logo

The 2023 Relay For Life of Second Life theme is: HOPE FLOATS! - which aligns perfectly with the national Relay For Life theme of “Every Step Brings Hope.”

As our Relay community in the virtual world pursues our $500,000 USD (in a single year)...and as we close in on $5 Million USD, all-time…we celebrate how much HOPE our community has brought to so many people throughout Second Life and the world.

Cancer survivors and caregivers talk about how important it is to have hope. So many stories shared by our Relayers in Second Life include a moment where they had little reason to be positive, and the only thing they could hold on to was hope. That hope helped them through the toughest time, ultimately leading to a moment when things take a turn for the better.

Doubt will sink you. As long as there’s hope, you can float. Stingray Raymaker, Director of the American Cancer Society in Second Life views this year’s theme as an opportunity to rise above adversity, just as we always have. “Hope is the reason why our community has remained one of Second Life’s largest and most impactful since 2005. Hope floats above everything that we do. Hope guides our decisions. Hope inspires us to keep going, even when things feel impossible.”

We would like to thank everyone who submitted logo concepts over the last several weeks and we’re excited to unveil the final version of the 2023 Relay For Life of Second Life Theme Logo.

This logo will serve as our flagship symbol for our Relay For Life efforts in 2023. You can get a copy of both logos in the “logo section” of the Relay Building on the American Cancer Society Island in Second Life.

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