From Stingray Raymaker - Director of ACS in Second Life

A new era dawns. Mark your calendars.

Friday, May 12th through Sunday, May 21st, 2023 - SL FANDOM CON

“I’m very excited to introduce SL Fandom Con. A new Mega Event that will bring FANDOM to a whole new level in Second Life. The team of people working together

on this project have set some very inspiring goals and have a vision for a completely

re-imagined Mega Event experience for the Second Life FANDOM community.”

To all the amazing fandoms of anime, comics, sci-fi and everyone in between,

we're here to give you the most inclusive FANDOM event Second Life has ever seen!

“ACS is grateful to the team of organizers, many with 14 years of sci-fi event experience, for their willingness to step up and try something new to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life.”

Much more information will follow in the coming days, but for now, we are just excited to welcome SL Fandom Con to our Mega Event family, which includes Fantasy Faire,

SL Christmas Expo and SL Home and Garden Expo.

SL Fandom Con Website:

SL Fandom Group:


$453,035.00 (USD) raised for the American Cancer Society in Second Life from 07/01/2021 through 06/30/2022.

Our MEGA events broke several records and our Strides Campaigns were the best ever.

So many Relay teams held so many amazing events during the season and our DASHBOARD fundraising from the ACS secure website reached new heights.

We want to thank the hundreds of people who were so giving of their time and talents to help create so many unique opportunities to raise funds to fight cancer.

And we also would like to thank the thousands of people who made all the L$ donations to our Official ACS Kiosks across the grid.

Thank you ALL for stepping up and making a real world difference.

Updated: Jul 11

Now that all the counting has been completed, we’re excited to say THANK YOU to everyone in Second Life who contributed to any and all of the 2021 Strides Campaigns. For the third year in a row, our ACS community has reached a new record in fundraising for the breast cancer mission of the American Cancer Society.

The 2021 Strides total stands strong at $43,227 (USD). This year, we saw the return of Out Shop Cancer, the Renaissance Festival, the Sci Fi Expo, and I Pink I Can. We also saw the addition of Spooky Strides along with countless campaigns that fed into the general Strides fund.

Totals for each of the named campaigns are:

SL Renaissance Festival: $12,691 I Pink I Can: $10,264 SciFi Expo: $8,172 Spooky Strides: $3,024 Out Shop Cancer: $2,533 Strides General Fund: $6,541

While we focus on breast cancer during the month of October, our Strides fundraising tools remain available and active throughout the year for any volunteer who wishes to support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer research program. To get Strides tools or if you have an idea for a new campaign for 2022, please contact Stingray9798 Raymaker, MamaP Beerbaum, or Trager Alter.