The 2022 Home & Garden Expo closed last week with a $14,711 USD in total donations - all going to fund the mission of the American Cancer Society. With 9 regions filled with exhibitors and a stage that featured multiple performers, the Expo gives the home and garden community in Second Life a chance to fight back against cancer in their own way. This event is the longest actively running event of its kind in the history of Second Life. Under Kaerri Rae’s guidance, the Expo has experienced a resurgence of activity and interest over the years.

At the end of the Expo, Kaerri announced her retirement as the Home & Garden Expo’s coordinator and is ready to enjoy some much deserved personal time. “We are grateful for Kaerri’s commitment for so many years and we know that there will never be anyone quite like her,” says Stingray Raymaker, Director of the American Cancer Society in Second Life. Each year, Kaerri worked hard to improve areas of the Expo and connect its patrons to the mission of the American Cancer Society.

Being the coordinator of an event this size is no small undertaking. It requires countless hours of planning and organizing ideas and people over the course of many months. Like all of our mega event coordinators, Kaerri volunteered her time to this community and this event for so many years, never seeming to take a break. Stingray added, “When Kaerri messaged me to tell me that she’d decided that this would be her final year as the H&G Expo Coordinator, she assured me that she’d still be involved in the future because the cause and the community mean so much to her.”

The 2022 Home & Garden Expo is now complete, but it won’t be long before we start planning for 2023. We thank Kaerri Rae for her years of service to the American Cancer Society and we appreciate her willingness to work with us as we transition to the next chapter of this long-standing successful event.

Trager Alter, Jenny Anatine & Bayliner Bob sit down and talk with Silver Howler, who is building the 2022 Kickoff Region for Relay For Life of Second Life - Heroes of Hope.

A fun, fast moving conversation with an amazingly creative man, Silver has a passion for fighting cancer. He has been a resident of Second Life since it was a closed BETA and shares some stories of his many years inworld.

So many people volunteer their time and talents to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society in Second Life and it is our hope to share some of their FUN stories with others.

Give it a listen and remember, THINK BIG !!!

Well the holidays are officially over and it is time to ramp up Relay 2022. Team registration opens Saturday, January 15th.

Gem Sunkiller is our 2022 Relay Lead Team person focusing on registration and teams, so please contact her with any questions.

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