Well the holidays are officially over and it is time to ramp up Relay 2022. Team registration opens Saturday, January 15th.

Gem Sunkiller is our 2022 Relay Lead Team person focusing on registration and teams, so please contact her with any questions.

Register a team at > https://relayforlife.org/secondlife

Now that all the counting has been completed, we’re excited to say THANK YOU to everyone in Second Life who contributed to any and all of the 2021 Strides Campaigns. For the third year in a row, our ACS community has reached a new record in fundraising for the breast cancer mission of the American Cancer Society.

The 2021 Strides total stands strong at $43,227 !!! This year, we saw the return of Out Shop Cancer, the Renaissance Festival, the Sci Fi Expo, and I Pink I Can. We also saw the addition of Spooky Strides along with countless campaigns that fed into the general Strides fund.

Totals for each of the named campaigns are:

SL Renaissance Festival: $12,691 I Pink I Can: $10,264 SciFi Expo: $8,172 Spooky Strides: $3,024 Out Shop Cancer: $2,533 Strides General Fund: $6,541

While we focus on breast cancer during the month of October, our Strides fundraising tools remain available and active throughout the year for any volunteer who wishes to support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer research program. To get Strides tools or if you have an idea for a new campaign for 2022, please contact Stingray9798 Raymaker, MamaP Beerbaum, or Trager Alter.

Are You Ready to Deck the Halls at the 2021 Christmas Expo?


A message from Stingray Raymaker:

When we think of Christmas in Second Life, we think of one thing - the American Cancer Society’s CHRISTMAS EXPO! The Christmas Expo is the official Christmas fundraising event of the American Cancer Society in Second Life, where all funds raised are used to support the childhood cancer research and service programs offered by the American Cancer Society.

The Christmas Expo is led by Nuala Maracas and her trusty elf, DrummerJollyCane, who told us that it’s not too late for merchants to sign up for booth space or sponsorship packages. In order to do that, reach out to Nuala Maracas in Second Life or email her at nuala.maracas@gmail.com.

I’d like to encourage our ACS Community and the entire Second Life community to help make this year’s Christmas Expo the most successful ever as we continue our quest to raise $500,000 USD in a single year through all of our events. Pay attention to the Christmas Expo website to find all of the various experiences that you can have while attending the Christmas Expo from December 3-14, 2021. Of course, pictures with Santa will be available, and the word on the street is that there will be several Linden sightings!!