Can you believe there are less than 7 days until the 2020 Relay For Life of Second Life 24-hour weekend event? Thank you for all of the time, talent, fundraising, and donations. With your help, we have already passed our $250,000 USD goal - and I can’t wait to celebrate our cancer survivors and our fundraising success with you on June 6-7!

To prepare for Relay Weekend, please read through this important information:


In order for us to deliver you the best possible experience, the following activities have a deadline of Thursday, June 4 at 9pm SLT.

  • Fundraising Club: We will use your fundraising total at the deadline to determine your fundraising club badge for Relay Weekend. Also, the top Linden, top Website, and top Overall fundraising teams will earn badges based on your totals at this deadline. Badges will be placed on your team’s campsite label.

  • Campsite Badges: Your campsite will earn badges for matching the 2020 theme and for delivering cancer education from the American Cancer Society by the deadline. Badges will be placed on your team’s campsite label.

  • Dedications to be read during the Luminaria Ceremony must be submitted by the deadline. You can submit your dedications here.


  • Join us for the Opening Ceremony, starting at 10am SLT at the stage on RFL Embrace. If the region is full, overflow attendees can land on the American Cancer Society island or RFL Empower.

  • Listen to the complete Relay For Life of Second Life online at Listening online may improve your overall experience by reducing lag and buffering. Plus, you won’t miss anything if you crash!

  • Watch the Relay For Life Virtual Telethon, streaming live on Facebook from 10am SLT through the end of the Luminaria Ceremony. 

  • Participate in the Theme Hours! The more you put into your Relay experience, the more you’ll get out of it. Make sure you’re prepared to have fun with all the various theme hours. Check them out here.


  • Pick up your Relay Weekend Travel Guide from any Relay Info Station along the track. The guide offers information and landmarks to help you get around.

  • Join the Relay For Life Volunteers group in Second Life to keep up with news, info, and conversation about all things Relay!

  • Join the ACS in SL Discord server to keep up with the Relay community, even when you’re not logged into Second Life.


  • This year, we will use the traditional “Flood the Regions” party as our Wrap-Up party! This will give us all a chance to celebrate together without the feeling of a ceremony and a bunch of speeches from a stage. We hope you join us on Wednesday, June 10, for the party (more info coming in the groups) where we’ll have a blast together. Bring your floaties!!

  • Spirit of Relay Nominations due Monday, June 8, 2020. We’ll present the Spirit of Relay Individual and Team at the Wrap-Up Party on Wednesday, which means all nominations need to be submitted no later than June 8. 

  • Any team fundraising that occurs after Wrap-Up will still count toward your final 2020 Fundraising Club Level. The team totals close on June 30.

A sneak peak of the 10 Days of Relay - Relay Goes MC entrance… seven regions total… four on the track… three for activities… so many events planned… so many new people joining our Relay community…

What started as an idea last year, has grown into the MC community stepping up and leading the way for the 10 Days of Relay as part of the lead up to Relay weekend… this year we welcome two new communities to the 10 Days of Relay… Bellisseria and GOR…

Many thanks to Selene Jashan for stepping up last year to help organize the MC community… in her second year as Lead she has further developed a “core team” of people to organize this growing event… her leadership skills include the ability to empower people and let them take charge… and what the “core team” has planned over the last year is a sight to be seen...

It has been truly amazing to watch everyone working together over the last two days to bring their regions to life…it has been said that the mark of an effective leader is to simply pause, look around, and see people working together towards a common goal… for the MC community that goal is to “kick cancer’s ass”... and for Relay For Life of Second Life that leader is Selene Jashan…

The 10 Days of Relay - Relay Goes MC opens to the public on Friday, May 29 and runs through Relay Weekend, June 6th and 7th… what the MC community is doing is something we all need to see… a great big thank you to Selene and the “core team”… all the MC Presidents and their MC clubs… and all the content creators and businesses who have stepped up to support the biggest MC rally of the year in support of The American Cancer Society...

Saturday, May 9, 2020

I have an important update for you that I'd like for you all to pause and read. It's long, but very important. A few years ago, we pressed the refresh button on our Relay because we saw that the community was struggling. We needed to focus on building for the future, rather than comparing ourselves to the past. I'm proud of every one of you for committing to that plan and I'm grateful to you for trusting in the vision. The result has been an explosion in new teams, a thriving community both in SL and on Discord and FB, more 'one team' feeling and actions, and a focus placed on helping each other improve wherever we can. Because of this new culture that we've created together, we have seen higher fundraising totals each year for the past 2 years. This year, COVID-19 changed Earth, and no one knew what to expect. Most nonprofits have struggled to keep the doors open because it became too difficult to raise money. Millions of people lost their jobs. Families struggled to adapt to a world of uncertainty. And while all this was going on, YOU found a way to lead your communities by giving them something positive and productive to do while continuing to battle a disease that will not stop and wait for this pandemic to end. Because of your integrity and your leadership, we now stand one month before our 2020 Relay event with $223,000 USD raised for the American Cancer Society. Our goal for 2020 was to raise $250K. That means we have one month to raise our last $27K...and to be honest, I've never been more confident about reaching a goal than I am right now. You have proven to me that when there's a challenge, you will beat it. You are all the type of people who make your only succeed. This $27K goal for the next month is the most important $27K of the last three years because of what it represents. It is 27,000 pieces of evidence that the Relay community is the strongest community in Second Life when we work together. It is 27,000 ways that the RFL of SL is the beacon of hope for the Relay world, because while other Relays have had to cancel, you carried them through the night. It's 27,000 times more impactful for the cancer survivors and researchers who will receive less support from the general community because of COVID-19, and it's 27,000 steps toward proving to ourselves that no matter what is thrown in our way, we will win because we are in this together. We have each other's backs. We teach each other, coach each other, support one another, and we walk together every step of the way. I'm asking you all to make this Relay season one of the most memorable by making absolutely sure that we hit that $27,000 goal BEFORE June 7. Because when we do, we will party for 24 hours straight in celebration of what we've accomplished in honor of our friends and family who have fought cancer. So, who's with me? Who wants to finish strong? What will you do to help guarantee $27,000 in 27 days?